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Lease with Purchase Option

For full details and to see available homes, fill out the form here and we'll be in touch soon. Some program basics are noted below. The lease option program allows you to choose a home from homes for sale. You lease that home until you're ready to buy or move out of the home. No commitments, completely your option. Some requirements are:

580+ TransUnion Credit Score

$50,000 a year household income

Monthly Payments start at approximately $2200

Homes priced between $100-500,000

Bankruptcy or Foreclosure are acceptable

*Due to COVID-19, some requirements have been tightened at this time. These reflect current requirements.

We'll be in touch soon!


We offer the lease with option to purchase program through a partner investor. I've personally been working with this program since 2015 and have had great results for both my clients and myself. As a new business owner, my family moved into a home through this program. It suited our needs perfectly as we transitioned out of W2 employment. We had few complaints during our lease, but did have to have the property management company take care of a couple things. Once, there was a small leak in the water heater supply line. Rather than nickel and dime the issue, they realized the age of the units was nearing the end of it's life and simply replaced both hot water heaters. Throughout our lease, I couldn't have expected more.

Both before and after we moved into that home, we have had clients use the program. Whether it be bankruptcy, foreclosure, relocation or simply not ready to buy, the lease option program has given our clients flexibility they didn't have elsewhere. 

The investor has now purchased more than 16,000 homes in states across the nation. This is a company and program that we are  proud to partner with. If you ever have questions, hesitations or concerns about the program, I encourage you to reach out. If you're working with me or another one of our agents, simply ask to be put in touch.

-Sean Nance



All homes pictured were chosen by our clients through the lease option program

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